No. Question Answer
1 How to signup and create a user account on Weelz? Click on SIGN IN / REGISTER available in website header or app menu. Click on REGISTER HERE. Enter your name, password, mobile number and other information. Please note that you must use a mobile number that you have access to and can receive SMS. Agree on the Terms & Conditions then press on SUBMIT. You will shortly receive an SMS message with a verification code. Enter the code then submit to complete your registration. Click on RESEND CODE if you didn’t receive it after 2 min. Contact us if you faced any issue.
2 How can I add my car for sale on Weelz? Before you can post an ad for your car on Weelz, you must sign into your account on Weelz website or mobile app. Website: Click on POST AN AD then SELL MY CAR available in the website header or in MY ACCOUNT page. APP: Press on POST AN AD then SELL MY CAR from the app menu or in MY ACCOUNT screen. In STEP-1, choose the ad type you want to post, then select the main information of your car like its make, model, year, color, and specs. Click on CONTINUE. In STEP-2, select the options and features in your car then click on CONTINUE. In STEP-3, add other information about your car like mileage and price details then upload nice exterior and interior photos/video of your car. You can also select your preferred method for people to contact you. Click on REVIEW. Review all information and make sure they are correct then press on PUBLISH to complete the payment process. Press on SAVE FOR LATER if you want to save your ad as a draft. You can check it and publish it any time from your account page.
3 What is the difference between Basic and Premium ads? When you post an ad for your car on Weelz, you have two options for the ad type to select from, Premium or Basic ad. Choose Premium ad and you will be able to upload more photos of your car in addition to a short video. Your ad will be highlighted, displayed in a larger space and appear on top of the lists so potential buyers will see it first. Premium ads will also be published on Weelz for longer time.
4 How can I create my own Showroom section on Weelz? Click on JOIN WEELZ available in the website header or Showrooms page. Fill in your showroom name, information, locations and contact details then click on REGISTER. Our team will review your request and approve it shortly. Once approved, you will be able to sign into your Showroom account to mange your page and add your cars.
5 What should I do if I searched for a car that I want to buy and didn’t find it on Weelz? You can post a Wanted Car ad for free on Weelz and we will let you know when someone posts a car for sale that matches your wish. Click on POST AN AD then I WANT A CAR available in the website header, MY ACCOUNT page, or the app menu. Select the brand, model, and year of your desired car then submit. Your Wanted Car ad will be shown in Wanted Cars page under Categories section.